Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Nine Inch Nails Fiasco

I work the front desk here at L Hostels, and few guest recommendations are difficult to fulfill. Usually a guest wants a towel, or to reactivate their key card. Something that is easy to accomplish with little or no effort, and is of no stress to me. I am glad to put a smile on a guests face.

So I came in to work on Saturday night. I was set to work the night shift, from 12 a.m. until 8 in the morning. On the way to work I was listening to the Rachel Maddow Show from the night before. I had downloaded the podcast on my iPod Nano, which was given to me from my job when I was employee of the month. Many months have passed by, and to my knowledge, there has not been another employee of the month for a long time. Something I think they lost sight of, but anyway...

I just shrugged it off as coincidence when the show on my iPod ended, and I found I was at my destination. Perfect timing is too cliche for it. As I turned the corner on 118th street onto Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, I noticed loud music. There was party in one of the storefronts. The last meeting the hostel had was mostly about communication, but I wasn't told about this. I was deeply disappointed that I wasn't told there was going to be a party on my shift. Perhaps this is another reason why I felt pushed to look for another position.

I entered the hostel to find Cynthia at the front desk. She was doing her job, calm cool and collected. She is short and pretty, but not my type. I noticed the radio was on. Z100. Mainstream pop. I also noticed what was playing on Paladia. A Nine Inch Nails concert. It was more my style, but I let the guests have their brainwashed pop music.

My shift started, and Lady Gaga came on. It must've been the 10 thousandth time I heard Bad Romance. An asian guest quickly came, asking to change the music to the Nine Inch Nails concert. Claiming it was his favorite band. I obliged. I like Nine Inch Nails too, but unless I had a reason to, there was really no point in changing the music. I changed it.

Not two minutes later a guest came to complain. Saying that the music was annoying her, and that she preferred to hear something mainstream. I told her, when it came to Rock, you couldn't be more mainstream than Nine Inch Nails. But anyway. I wasn't going to change it for some spanish lady who doesn't really know music. Nine Inch Nails is awesome, and a nice change from Lady Gaga.

Also the asian guys already asked me to put Nine Inch Nails on, and they were playing pool. I wasn't going to say, I can't put the volume on, but you can see the video. Also, I wanted to hear the music. So I told the lady, I wasn't going to take off Nine Inch Nails. Was I being selfish? NO!
The music hadn't even been on for two minutes. The asian guy wouldn've thought me a jerk, or a douchebag if I had changed it so early.

The female came back about 3 minutes later, and I changed it back to Z100. I hate making those types of decisions here. I should be able to listen to Nine Inch Nails at 1 a.m. at my job without being persecuted. Nine Inch Nails is mainstream, although I wouldn't call it pop. I changed it so she didn't have a bitch fit. What some guys calls a Titty Attack, but I usually call it a chick attack. It is when females for one reason or another overreact for the smallest details. They care so much for something so trivial. It makes no sense. Most woman have committed this offense at one time or another.

Anyway. This is the Nine Inch Nails Fiasco. The asian guy looked at me less than 1 minute late when Kanye West started playing. I know his pain. I hate it too.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Killing Ms. Figman

There is one guest at my job, Ms. Figman, who I would love to kill.

As I entered my shift for sunday night, Cynthia told me guests were complaining about Ms. Figman. They were complaining that she was being loud, they were complaining that she was smoking in the room, and they were complaining that she was being inconsiderate. As for what she was smoking, it wasn't cigarettes and it wasn't weed, according to the guests. Cynthia thought it might have been crack, but I had no evidence for or against anything other than heresay, so I didn't say anything.

Until about 6 a.m. Working the night shift sucks, and after a long shift, I would like nothing more than to go home and go to sleep. I don't need to make conversations with fucking crazy people. She came by to tell me the computer she was on wasn't working. She told me she swiped her credit card, and they cut off her internet. I told her she would not be charged for the time she didn't use. She then told me she put a dollar into the computer. I told her the minimum was 2 dollars and she started arguing with me! I have been working here for months, and the computers have ALWAYS been 2 dollars for 20 minutes, and now she was going to try to contradict me with her doublespeak?

But it gets worse. She asked if she could get a refund. I said no. I give refunds when the computers malfunction, not when someone doesn't know how to use them. I wanted to add the word dumbass. But the story gets better...

She then asked what was wrong with me. She said most people working here were normal, and asked if I was imitating someone.


If she keeps on...