Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jonathans World The Great Juggling Adventure

Jonathans World and the Great Juggling Adventure
This video is not an official Jonathans World video but it is a side series called the Great Juggling Adventure. I made it to chronicle the events of the Juggling Club. This video is also on youtube placed under the username jmejia1. I finished editing it on 1.31.2008. Although there is newer footage of thee juggling club from a more recent juggling club meeting, this video is as recent as you can get. It also states the location and the times of th juggling club meetings. In this video, David, Zari, Andy, Skyler, Milan, and me Jonathan.

This video was recorded on a digital camera and on a psp chotto cam. It was editted on imovie.
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jonathan's World 14

Jonathan's World 14 - Friends
Description - This is a mix of all the clips I had which contained my friends here at UVM. Sarah, Melissa, Carly, Jonathan and David are in this film. I though since they were my friends it would be cool to have the friends theme playing in the background. And while we are on the subject of music, I know it is obvious, but I changed the theme song to Jonathan's World again. I know it sounds a lot like Elmo's World, but I think it goes better than the first two themes I had. All footage, including the photos were taken on the psp chotto cam, and were either edited on GO!EDIT for the PSP or iMovie for the mac. The clips include a day when I was hanging out in Harris Millis Dining Hall, hanging out in Sarahs room (Ciao Bella), Hanging out with Melissa (Horny underwear), and DDR day (when David sticking out his tongue). The purpose of this video is to pay tribute to my friends.
Recommendations: hang out with friends!
Songs: I'll Be There For You - Rembrants
Cheers Theme

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jonathan's World 13

Jonathan's World 13
Description: This has been a long time coming. Ever since Christmas I have been looking for the opportunity to use my "Orlando Florida Decor" footage. I thought it would make good transitions in this video. This video starts off with a "back to VT" feel. I didn't feel comfortable recording in front of people because they kept interrupting me. I felt like I didn't make my point clear in my last video (sorry to everyone who saw it and was confused). This is my attempt to clarify myself. Also I was more calm while making this one and I wasn't as upset. As for the security thing, my solution (to come up with a plan to make ALL schools safer), might or might not work. But when a problem such as safety is such a widespread concern, then a widespread solution must be found. In the end I come back to the Holiday decor. What you see was the decor outside my aunt Evelyn's house for the 2007 Holiday season. You also get to see Rachel, My mother, and my cousin Eddie at the end. For this Jonathan's World I recommend reading and education.

Music: This Jonathan's World features music in the following order:
Dido - Here With Me
Serj Tankian - Unthinking Majority
Dido - Thank You

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jonathan's World 12

Jonathan's World 12
Context: I had seen zeitgeist and was delayed. In reality I wanted this to be a response to Dan's Video on Safety, a question to my audience about news sources, a scapegoat for my frustration and a way to clear my head and kill time. I later recorded something more thought out and coherent. It may show up in one of the next Jonathans World Episodes (I am currently making that footage available in Jonathan's World 13,a long with footage I took during Christmas, which consisted of many christmas decorations that never made any of my previous videos).
Also, I revamped the Jonathan's World Song a bit. This one was recorded by me on Garage band. It is an acapella with me singing over my voice 3 times.
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Jonathan's World 11

Jonathan's World 11
This is a video from my last day in Orlando Florida. My sisters came back (Tiffany and Mara), from vacation in NY. My mother (Noemi, seen at the end) was upset because they both managed to get their tongues pierced without her permission. However to be fair they are 18, and they do have the right to do whatever they want with their body. Mara was able to get a tatoo of a treble clef. My mother wasn't happy about that either. Ardy is mentioned in this video. He is my sisters boyfriend (the one who managed to spit on mara's face).
There is one segment where my sister is complaining that my ipod died on her. The only charger I had connects to the computer and I refused to give it to her for fear that she will delete all of my music. At this point it is apparent that I am leaving so I am not seen much in this video. I was sad. Also the next Jonathan's World video will also have a bit of a depressing tone to it. But not to worry, many happy, crazy and random clips are soon to come!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jonathan's World 10

Jonathan's World 10
I realized after a while in Fl, that I had accumulated a large amount of footage with my aunts pomeranian Rocky and my cousins new pit. A lot of the footage was deleted but this is what I was able to salvage. So this is basically an Ode to The Dogs in my family. No dogs were hurt during the making of this video. I captured and edited this video myself. The pit was a Christmas present for my cousin Jose. He is cool, although only Eddie shows promise for DDR...
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Jonathan's World 9

Just joking...
I solved the rubiks cube and then I made the pattern. I put both videos in one (the solve and then the pattern). This video was taken on my new psp chotto camera. It is really interesting because I learned how to solve the cube while on vacation here in Florida. I solve it by layers using many algoriths... If you are interested in learning what the algorithims are then email me at

Anyway... Thats life..
I really need to number the videos in the video, but ever since I switched to a mac it has been more difficult.

Jonathan's World -Vacation (Summer)

This starts off with some pictures of my Summer vacation in the NYC Madame Tuscaunds Wax Museum. It was a great experience taking all those pictures with all the stars. As the movie progressed we move onto Six Flags, where I jumped rope with Tweety and Bugs. This was in Agawam Massachusettes, and the Six Flags was called Six Flags New England. After I make a fool of myself, my sister takes over and makes herself queen of the rope. After a while we also see my family on a ride. That is about it. Overall it was fun but that night mom got sick.

The song in this video is Dance Dance by fallout boy. I first heard this song through DDR and it is now one of my favorite songs. While this is not an official Jonathan's World video, it does introduce you to my sister who will appear in a few videos from here on out. Her name is Tiffany and as you can see from the jump rope she is a pretty cool chick. Anyway, email me if you have any questions comments or concerns at

Jonathan's World 8

I went around the house looking for creatures to record. I had extensive footage on a hemiptera which i could not identify. I know that I identified the bug incorrectly as a bettle, but the wings were only half covered. That means when I mentioned Coleoptera in the video that was an inaccurate identification of the bug. I also managed to record many lizards. All of this footage was taken in Orlando Florida on the same day. The day is mentioned on the video. For more of my videos you can go to

Before anyone complains, I know Florida is a peninsula and not an island, and I also know that the creatures in the video are not dangerous or elusive. Also excuse my language when the bug flies. I was a bit surprised by it flying and I was trying to recover from the shock of it's abilities. No animals were harmed during the production of this film. You may contact me on any of this footage by emailing me at

Jonathan's World 7

This is me and my family having fun during new years. There is also another clip I forgot to include in Jonathan's World 6 from Halloween where I (V from V for Vendetta) is stealing candy. In reality the candy was free. The last clip is from Christmas, when I was playing ball with the dog. The dog's name is rocky and he belongs to my aunt. He is a Pomeranian, and he is very grumpy. He will show upp in a later episode of Jonathans World. I do not hold any of the views expressed in this video that was not stated by me. this was a New years celebration and this video mainly includes my family

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jonathan's World 6

This is Jonathan's World 6. It consists of my last day in Physics and some DDR clips taking from Universal Studios. Also some family clips taken during thanksgiving. This video features music remixed by ChipmunkAlex (on youtube). It is unfortunate but sometimes good things come to an end. I also completed Final Fantasy Adventure, and you can the the ending picture at the end of this episode as well.

Jonathan's World 5

This is a video I took one day when I had a DDR sleepover. DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution. The people in the sleepover included my girlfriend, my roomate (Steve), and my friends (Alex and Melissa).I also show off my keyblades and some pictures I took during the moon festival. There is also a short segment about my trip to ben and Jerry's. This is mainly a picture slideshow with bad audio quality.
This video was recorded on my gf digital camera.

Jonathan's World 4

Jonathan's World 3

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jonathan's World 2

This is the second Jonathan's World Video. It is available on
The username is jmejia1.

Jonathan's World