Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jonathan's World 25 - Spring Break 08 Part II - Winnie The Pooh

Jonathan's World 25
I love Winnie the Pooh as much as the next inner child, but when I saw this I couldn't help but take video footage! This footage was taken in Disney's Animal Kingdom. It includes Winnoe, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. The video itself was taken over Spring Break 08, and features mostly me, but if you look carefully you can see my girlfriend in it too.

Many of you may be having some questions, questions like:
Aren't you a bit old for this stuff?
Yes, I am, but my inner child never grew up.
Do you wear that in public?
Yes, I wear the hat in public, but only when I am juggling.
What theme park was this?
Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando Fl.
Nice pics...?
Why don't you spend more time with Winnie?
Because obesity is a disease, and so is ignorance, and both are the major contributors to most of America's problems.
HAHA, someone took your Eeyore hug from you!!!
Shut up, I said questions only!
Do you plan on returning to the Enchanted Neighborhood?
Yeah, when the next KH comes out hopefully they will continue the story of the enchanted neighborhood.

Music:Jonathan's World Theme - Jmejia1
Christopher Robins Dead - Mas Rapido

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jonathan's World 24 - Spring Break '08 part I

Jonathan's World 24- Spring Break '08 Part I
This can be a preview of whats to come.
Summary: In this video you get to see the Nasa shuttle launch which took place at 2:30 a.m. That's why the video is so dark. Also I am playing DDR in Magical midway. Plus there is some footage of me trying on hats in a store in Disney. Specifically the theme park is called Animal Kingdom. There are some other shots of the theme park including an Afican dance (which I put to HIM music). The footage was a bit too long, so I sped it up a bit. In the end I am walking through the store in Disney looking for some Mickey Mouse ears.

Music: Wings of a Butterfly - HIM
Jonathan's World Theme - Jmejia1

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Jonathan's World 23 Pizza Putt VT

Jonathan's World 23 Pizza Putt VT
I know I spell "putt" wrong in the video.
Summary: This video was recorded on a PSP Go!Cam. All of the footage was taken in one day and includes clips of my friends. Kofi, Alyssa, Noelle and Melissa can be seen in this video. Alyssa says to keep an eye out for her 5 facts which she says are coming soon. Also if you like Kofi then email him directly. Just search him on Facebook.
Noelle hasn't played DDR much but she was doing a fine job in this video. i got her playing and doing a combo! She won the game which was cool too.
Something I did not get on camera was laser tag. I didn't get it because I was busy shooting people but it was cool. As for the product endorsement, no, I am not getting paid to endorse PESPSI, but I do prefer it over all of the coke products with the exception of XXX Vitamin water. This video has a lot of DDR but it also has friends laughing and just having a good time. I think it will not be one of the most popular ones, but it will be one to remember.

Music: DDR Music
Here We Go! - DDR Mario Remix

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jonathan's World 22 - Regular Randomness

Regular Randomness
Summary: This clips were taken in VT, although they were taken in different locations. Hannafords and The fireplace lounge in Living and Learning. There is also a point where I comment on the flowers in Starbucks (it's winter, who are they fooling?). In short, I cover cohost interviews, Ecological world cuisine meeting, nicknaming Sara (we decided on Minnie), and a faulty soda machine. In the end we come to the conclusion that Jonathan's World has no point. Also I didn't notice until it was done, but the end of the video has an error (which completely contradicts the beginning of the video).

Clips: All of these clips were taken on a PSP and edited on iMovie.

Jmejia1 - Jonathan's World Theme
Miley Cyrus - Let's Dance

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