Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Application Here, Application There, Applications EVERYWHERE

I have been applying for jobs constantly over the past few months. No one seems to be hiring, no matter how many emails, applications, or phone calls I make. Some people tell me I am stuck in a crappy situation, while other people tell me I should take this as an opportunity to take time off.

A third option I here from people often is that I should go get a Masters. Yesterday I had an idea which trumped all of the above. I am going to get a Bachellors Degree (again!), but this time in Nursing.

What change of events is this? What can possibly have spured this crazy idea? While applying for jobs I am constantly seeing ads for nurses. Especially on careerbuilder.com (not so much on craigslist). I looked online for the salary a nurse makes, and it is a lot more than I am making! For my first job out of college, I made a bit over 10 thousand dollars for that first year. This is now my second year out of college and I am making nothing!

What is my dream in life? My dream is to one day own a greenhouse where I can propagate plants and sell them. I also wouldn't mind owning a little room where I can raise Crested Geckos to sell as well. But this dream of mine will never be realised with degrees in business, biology or horticulture. How will I ever be able to raise the money needed for that type of a career, with degrees that don't have any good jobs associated with them (at the moment). I do not regret getting the B.S. in Biological Sciences, but now it is time to realise the dream, and the first part of it is obtaining a career that will get me paid.

Nursing seems like just the career for me. I am certainly smart enough to be able to handle the job, and if anything it is always in demand (supposedly, although I have been lied to about this in the past.

Anyway, I am now printing out the application for nonmatriculated students at a NYC college where I can obtain the prerequisites necesary (hopefully in one semester) to be able to become a nursing student!

The next step, after I am sure I am "in" is to start applying for the actual nursing program! Everything is going to happen so fast! But the pace is half the excitement. Let's do it!


  1. love the post... I want to see moar!

  2. Keep working towards it is all I can say. I've been out of work to and it's hard to find anything in my field unless I move but I need money to move and can't find anything to just get by with even. Economy = Bad