Monday, January 24, 2011

January Goal COMPLETED

Hey guys!

So remember when I put up my project? About completing one task each month for a year? If you haven't read that blog post, you can see it here!

I then posted a video on my youtube channel, stating my goal for the January! And sorry in advance for the crappy sound quality!

And now, here we are, about a week later, and I have completed my January Goal! And yes, I also made a video for that too.

So there ya go! My February task will be to get a NY State Drivers License. This means I need to find a drivin school. Take the 5 hour required Pre-Driving Class, plus the actual driving classes, both beginner and advanced, and then take the test!

I know, that is a lot of work. And money as well. The most expensive driving school I have seen was about 450, but they also teach you advanced lessons, like driving on the highway and that sort of stuff. I will bear the cost of expense again (renewing my membership was 100 dollars), for the benefits I will obtain!

If you know of any good, inexpensive driving school in NYC, let me know. Also if you have any suggestions for monthly goals, please place them in the comments sections below.

January - Renew Membership to the NY Botanical Gardens - Completed!
February - Obtain NY State Drivers License - Pending

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  1. Congrats buddy. It's an admirable thing your doing here. I wish you luck.