Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What My Roommate Doesn't Know

Health At UVM

I currently attend the University of Vermont. While VT has been a leader in clean energy and the environment, I cannot agree with all of it's policies. Many good things have come about in the recent weeks, such as the news that Ben Stein would not be speaking at our commencement, and the news that a new dorm will be acquired by the University to house the increasing number of incoming students next year.

One thing I don't quite understand is why UVM would charge me so much for a few pieces of paper. I recently had a physical here at UVM (don't worry, I am all clean), however when the physical was over, they never gave me the results. After going to their office and telling them that my doctor should call or email me, they assured me I would get my results soon. Well after a month and a half I was a bit fed up and decided to ask for the results in person. I asked them for paper copies of all my results. They agreed, and then charged me 20 dollars for 9 pieces of paper. This is absurd. I should be charging them 20 dollars for the opportunity to keep my personal medical records on file. This is like a highway robbery! I would have rather waited a year to get my results by phone! I paid the money about a week ago, and received the papers today to find out that all the blood work came back fine.

This is very upsetting (the price, not that I am in good health), mainly because I have been looking at the current financial situation in awe. I am surprised that the University is charging so much for these records, but at the same time plan to lay off some people because the economic situation is so dire! The president of the University, and other top officials, in my opinion, should take a pay cut to keep other employees here. They have not taken these precautions. One would think that if the economy is bad, the people in charge of it all should have to pay for it. Oh the wonders of common sense...

What My Roommate Does Not Know

I am currently in the middle of making a video where people talk about my roommate. He is working to become the president of a student group on campus called Alianza Latina. This is a fun video which consists of many of our friends talking about my roommate and saying good things about him. And at the end, everyone says "I believe in Jonathan (will not mention last name here for security reasons)". I think he will be shocked when it is done. 
While he doesn't know about the video, I still want to surprise him. I told him I was making a Mac vs PC commercial that I wanted him to be a part of. All he would have to say is "I am Jonathan (again with the last name), and I'm a PC". Then in subtitles I would clarify that PC means presidential candidate. Today is actually that last day for nominations to these positions, and it is to my understanding that voting will occur towards the end of the week. This does not leave me with a lot of time to complete the video although I have recorded many people and it is going to be an awesome experience when I put it on Facebook.
At the same time I have been trying to work on my research and keep up with my homework. Not only that, but the Cynical Cynic video is due today (AH!). I know last weeks update was not as good as it could have been, but I think this weeks is going to be a lot better. The Cynic has given me a multiple amount of material that I have prepared and am ready to spew!
Just in case your wondering, the two guys in the back are me and my roommate. This picture was taken while ice skating last semester! I went with members of the juggling club. Also I realised how much footage I have of the juggling club and I am currently in the process of making a juggling video also.

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