Monday, January 11, 2010

New Terrarium

The New Year started out with many surprises, but one of the best ones is this new terrarium I received from Ernie. He is a plant guy, like me, and you can read his blog here.
I received the terrarium the same day he gave me the gecko back. I am still going to get a crested gecko on the 24th of January, just so I can walk around the house with it. But this tank is awesome, and the plants he gave me were legendary. Lets see what survives, and what suffers. Some of the plants I had from before are having a tough time.

There was a basket of plants left at my job for about 3 days, so I took it, and decided to try and save all the plants I can. It didn't work out that well. Most of the plants are suffering. Even the one I put in the gecko tank is suffering (although in that heat from the heat lamp. I think only cacti or succulents can survive it).

Here is the tank as I set up originally. Since then I placed both my plectanthrus in the tank, and one of them decided to flower. I think it is happy. But my favorite plant in the tank is the Begonia. It looks so big. It is legendary. I hope it survives!!!

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