Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

My New Years celebration was awesome. I spent it in bed eating chips and drinking beer. I am not really the party type. However I am happy that mom didn't suck me into her plans. She always makes me go to one of her friends house, where there is loud music, drinking and dancing. I don't like to dance, nor do I really like loud music. Low volume tunes from jason mraz, John Mayer, Daft Punk, and Gorillaz are always okay. But spanish reggea (reggeaton), salsa, and bachata, are not my idea of new years. But I am starting everything anew. The only thing lacking were some friends to cuddle with. Maybe I would find someone cool and open minded for me and Donna to cuddle with in 2010, but I will not make it my resolution.

My avid facebook and youtube followers may have noticed that I have a new gecko. His name is gex, and he has HIS OWN BLOG! That's right, my golden gecko has a blog. You should all read it sometime. Here is the link:

I have started many things anew this year, not only my pet, which was given to me by Ernie, because I gave it to him to take care for me while I was in college, but I also have a new terrarium, with many cool plants, also given to me by Ernie. However this is not the biggest news of all.

I reformatted my computer, and I now have Snow Leopard! I gave up windows again. One big letdown, my iSight is not working. I will bring my computer to the geek squad once the weather gets warmer. It is freaking cold here in the city.

I am 23 now, since my birthday was the first. New Years and birthday wishes ran rampant on my facebook page, as they often do when a person has many people as friends. I really wish I could hang out with them a bit more often, but it is difficult to do so.

Other than that, many people have been asking me if I have a New Years resolution. It has taken me a while to come up with it, but this year I am going to be proactive. Take baby steps to completing small goals. I believe in this way the big goals will come my way. Getting a drivers license is one of the small goals I wish to complete this year, along with a few other small things. Hopefully I am able to get a raise or a better job, or figure out a plan to save my money more wisely.

I was thinking, perhaps because I just got out of college I was spending money, and then my excuse was the holidays, but now I have no excuse. Even my close friends who were here are no longer here. They left to go to Germany. All I have is Donna, who can be expensive at times, but it is still no excuse to spend money. I was doing a budget of what I spend, and most of my money goes on food. Eating out, whether it is a MacDonalds, or some other place. The best way to decrease consumption is to eat before I go out, or bring food from home with me. The second option is not really a viable one. I don't coo much, and what I cook is usually fried and unhealthy. Eating before I go out is alright, but I think that is not a viable option either, especially since I will always get hungry while I am out.

No, the best option would be not to go out at all, except for work. That way I am not tempted to eat out. Clever eh?

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