Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daylily Surprise! And Lycaste Horrors!

Earlier this year, Ernest DeMarie, who has a blog of his own, decided to let me have a good portion of his daylilies!. After growing them all spring, they have started to flower!

The first one to flower was the Malaysian Monarch! The first flower to open up did so on June 16th, 2010. And the next one to open was on June 22nd. Both flowers were from different plants, so I know that at least two of them are the same. I tried to self pollinate the second flower that came up. We will have to wait a while to see what comes of this, but I hope it's seedlings are as beautiful as the parent. Here are some pictures:
The plants themselves have had a rough year, as you can probably notice by the leaves. After being dug out of Ernies garden, I left them outside for a night before putting them in the ground (I came back too late to put them in). I think many of the roots dried out considerably during this time, and once they were put into the ground, my constant watering has helping them recover. Many of my lilies have had leaves which were turning yellow, or which were extremely dry, starting from the tips and running down the leaves. However, they all are alive, and seem to be doing better.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the
Lycaste from my last post. While it is a beautiful plant, I decided that putting it outside will help it get more light. I put it in a shaded area, near a bush. However this was a horrible idea. The leaves started turning brown from the tips, and even worse, the leaves started flopping! This is never good for any plant, much less an orchid. I have since brought the plant indoors in an attempt to recover it. One leaf is not almost completely brown and the other is turning brown slowly from the tip. Any Lycaste growers with experience who might be able to help me, please comment below!

And here is a picture of the poor Lycaste aromatica:

In both pictures you can clearly see that the damage is both severe and intense. Now I know better. Many people online says the thing grows fine at home, so i am keeping it indoors until further notice.

In the second picture a keen eye might be able to make out an oncidium about to flower. I will definitely blog about this, if the event comes to pass!

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