Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lycaste aromatica

This past weekend my girlfriend, Donna, stayed over my place, and we had one of the best weekends ever. We had gone to six flags and we took many photos.

One of the better parts of the trip was heading out to see Ernie. He has given me so many plants this year, it is hard to thank him enough. Perhaps posting a link to his blog will help. Click here.

While walking through his collection I was able to witness awesome orchid blooming outside his house. I saw how he resurrected a near dead spring cactus. I also witnessed a Cattleya with a beautiful scent by the window. A flowering Pinguicula was also nice. However the most awesome part was when he gave me one of his Lycaste aromatica!

Donna was kind enough to hold the plant for me while I took pictures. I didn't know the flower wouldn't last long. It is now turning a dark brown color :(. To be fair the flower did last from Friday throughout the weekend until Monday, when it started to loose all of its fragrance.

I have wanted a Lycaste aromatica ever since I was in high school. Now I have one! I hope it flowers more next year. According to the pictures online, the plant has the potential to flower profusely (10 or more flowers), in any given year. Too bad I have to wait a year to see what it does.

On another note, the wiki page for this orchid is a stub. Click here to see it. There is no information on where the plant occurs, what kind of hybrids can be made with it, what the scent of the flower is like (cinnamon), nor how common the plant is. I know I am not very popular in the blogosphere, but if anyone cares to make this worthless stub of a wiki page actually worth looking up, feel free to edit it!

On one last final note, my Oncidium is about to flower. More on that later!

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