Saturday, April 5, 2008

JWorld 27 Spring Break 08 La Familia II

JWorld 27 Spring Break 08 La Familia
In this Jonathan's World I go back to basics. I speak to my fans, give an introduction, an even have bloopers and outtakes in the end!
This video features my sisters, Tiffany and Mara. They may seem a bit weird, but it is only because they were so happy I came to visit. You also get to see Aleya, my cousin's (Adrians) baby. You also get a glimpse of my uncle junior, my mother and my cousin eddie. Most of the clips were taken in my aunts house, at home, in the mall, car, our while we were out at Target.
Then we go back to the dorm rooms, specifically, University heights, where I spend some time hanging out with Crystal and Justin. She attacks me withn a hand puppet bear that not only makes weird noises, but also has someone's hand up his butt. We also get a glimpse at Justin's Skelanimal. As for backgroun music, I was watching Day Dee Day by nigahiga (available on youtube). Anyway, I will see you all soon. IM me if you can with any questions comments or concerns, and if you are on youtube, SUBSRUBE!!!

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I know too much right, but it is okay, I have AdiumX (only available for OSX)

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