Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cynical Cynic and other Deviations

I have not been posting my youtube videos on here for a long time so I have to catch up. 
First I want to talk about my family in New York City. I visited them (as you know form my update in NYC video). Mom and Tiffany are doing well. I took a video of them at Carmen's party. I don't think Carmen was very happy, but I got to see Mary and David which was cool. I think they are awesome people. Donna wasn't able to come :( however I managed to have fun making videos. Mom's singing was pretty bad. Everyone was begging me not to let mom sing again on the karaoke machine, but I couldn't do anything about it. She was drunk, and dancing with everyone. Don't believe me? Watch the video:

Enough of that, not onto other things.

So the plan while I was in NYC was to go to Times Square to see the ball drop on the New Year. I was in Times Square on the 31st of December but I didn't see the ball drop. Donna got cold, and I ended up taking her home. I celebrated the New Year (my birthday) at home with mom. My presents for Christmas were awesome. I received pajamas, a sweater, and Donna gave me two of the most awesome games of all time. Here is a video I made, when I thought I was going to see the ball drop:

Will I see it next year? Who knows.

My school, UVM, has a school paper called the Cynic. Many of the views expressed in the paper are interesting to me because they let me know whats going on around the school. For example, there were recent protests against laying off people because of the economic crisis. I agree that people should not be laid off, and perhaps people higher up (like the president of the university), should take charge and give himself a pay cut to keep other people employed. Mostly I disagree with some of the quotes from the UVM Cynic. I made a video on the second week of school where I criticized the cynic for some of the people they interviewed. Here is the video:

I think I struck a cord with someone in the Cynic because I just had an interview with them today, and I am going to be making videos for them on a weekly basis now, with better lighting and more interesting material.

I found a song I loved. Donna introduced me to it on youtube, and she heard about it from a concert she went to here in Burlington VT. The song is called Yuri the only one by the leetstreetboys, and it is interesting to see it because it takes many elements of manga and video games and combines it into a concise package.
Also I recently have been contacted by someone on youtube asking to see more of my key blades in my videos, so here goes a cheap plug for the song, and me showing off my awesome key blades for no apparent reason:

One last note. While I was in NYC I was able to see Ernie DeMarie's classroom and he did an awesome job decorating it. I was very interested in the carnivorous plant aspect of the class along with seeing the best teacher of all time do what he does best. Some people say that when you start to collect orchids you should watch out because it may end up being a problem. I am not sure that is true, if you collect orchids. I only think it is a problem when your fridge looks like it does at the end of this video:

That is a spider being fed to a Venus Flytrap if you were wondering. Anyway that is it for now. More updates to come later.

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