Monday, January 5, 2009

Halloween 08

I never really spoke about how my Halloween went. If you are an avid viewer to my show you will know that I was planning on being pacman for Halloween. Well that plan fell through. I didn't have enough people backing me up or resources. Instead I was Riku, from Another Side Another Story (Kingdom Hearts). Riku is Sora's friend from Kingdom Hearts. This specific costume looks like the scene where he is fighting many heartless near a dark building. I can't wait for KH3!
Here are some pictures

Another friend of mine (Steve) was Dante. In case you don't now, Dante was from a popular video game called Devil May Cry. There are three parts of the game all available for PS2. Me and him had taken a few awesome pictures together. Here they are:

Another one of my friends, Chris, decided to be a Phantom of the Opera. Here are his pictures:

And lastly, Crystal. I am not sure where her costume is from but she looks like a dark angel:

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