Sunday, May 24, 2009

Arrests After the Comedy Club?

Last night I went to the Broadway comedy club with Ernie, his wife Grace, Snow, my mom Noemi, her boyfriend Eddie, and my girlfriend Donna. It was so funny. There were many new people who I had not seen the previous time's I have been there. We had a good laugh, but the checks came back a bit expensive. Especially since mom ordered alcoholic drinks and since she had ice cream.

We dropped Donna at home, by taking the FDR drive down to Grand. The ride was pretty quick, but the best part was when we drove home.

We took the FDR to the Bronx and got home in about half an hour. In my neighborhood I immediately noticed 4 cop cars, and many young people getting arrested. I don't know exactly why they got arrested, but I am guessing arrests are a frequent occurrence around these parts. I have only been here for one week, and there have been altercations with law enforcement twice in my immediate neighborhood (on my block or the one over). This seemed like a big bust since many people were outside.

I was safe in my moms car. At first I felt a bit upset, because there were so many young people getting arrested in such a big bust, but then I realized the cops weren't arresting them for no reason, so I felt good the NYPD was doing their job for last night. In my neighborhood I see so much crime that I am surprised the cops don't sit around in the neighborhood all day waiting for something to go down. I would certainly feel safer. And they would certainly get more arrests in the books than patrolling the streets.

As for those who got arrested for you, you must be really dumb. I mean there are simple steps you can take to ensure you don't get arrested. If you were never taught them, then let me enlighten you:

With this one rule you enrich our community. You make the young girls feel safer when they come home. And instead of dropping bottles in our neighborhoods, how about taking the Obama route, and get into some community organizing. That way we can get some new plants around here, or clean up our neighborhoods, just to make it safer. Perhaps free testing for people who think they have STI's, or setting up a big screen and having movie nights out in the park! Or maybe we can invite some science types to let us know what is on the forefront/cutting edge of knowledge!

Alright, I know the last one is far fetched, especially because I am a Biology major who grew up in the Bronx, and if I had the choice, I wouldn't step near this neighborhood. But a boy can dream can't he?

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  1. seems like you're feeling a bit better about the neighborhood with the arrest and i agree, they should do something about the neighborhood and add some community organizations there.