Monday, May 25, 2009

Working Out for My Life

Today was an interesting one. Something came up with the housing situation. I found a 2 bedroom apartment for 1000, and my mom wanted to take a look at it. We left in a hurry, but decided to visit one of her friends en route.

Arriving at her friends house was not fun. Everyone, including my mother was making remarks about how fat I had gotten. I don't think it is that bad. There is a bit of bulge around the belly, but that is easily curable with sit ups. Besides, today I had eaten my apples, scallions and some butternut squash. Yes. For a full day I was a vegetarian, and I am proud of it.

After eating a wonderful meal (rice and beans) at Margarita's house (my mom's friend), we went off to look at the apartment. Unfortunately, when we arrived, the owner who was supposed to show us around had went home. It is still our hottest lead, and we will be trying to see the place again tomorrow. It is in a quiet neighborhood, and yes, it is a 2 bedroom apartment which means that the probability of me having my own room is really low. It also may mean that God has something against me for being blasphemous (Last post), however, since God is an idea, and not an entity, the probability of my misfortune being brought upon me purposely is extremely low.

There is a serious need to get out of my current living situation though. The constant fear is not good for my health and it is not good for my relationships with other people. Case in point, take my girlfriend. When I moved back from Vermont I took many of her belongings in the Uhaul with me. They are currently being housed in my apartment. She told me she wanted to pick them up tomorrow, however the probability of this occurring is low. Mainly because her mother is afraid that something will happen to her if she came to my neighborhood, even if it was during the daylight hours, with 2 guys, for a short period of time.

The fact that everyone keeps pointing out the bulge in my midsection does not help either. I have started increasing my dalily dose of Dance Dance Revolution in response. It truly is the cardiovascular workout of my time. I have also begun doing sit ups, and bicep curls with one of those long bars with weights attached to each end. You can probably tell how much I work out by my ability to describe the bar.

Anyway, it really is to protect my life. Not in a health sense but in an overall-look mean so the gangsters don't see you as an easy target and kill you- sense.

That is about it for today, but I will keep everyone posted on my adventures. I also had a question, you all may answer in the comments. Should I include pictures in these posts pertaining to the events of my day? I have included pictures previously, but have stopped. Leave a comment below!

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