Monday, June 15, 2009

An Atheist in a Gourmet Mickey D’s!

Walking through downtown Broadway (lower Manhattan), I actually found a fancy McDonald’s! I was so surprised. They had a McDonald’s gift store, and above the door there were two musicians (one on piano, and I can’t remember what the other was playing). The chandeliers, flowers at each table, and big lilies at the windows were an added plus. Even the restroom looked nicer than the normal McDonald’s restrooms. The McDonalds I am talking about is on 160 Broadway.

If you have never been to a nice McDonald’s, then I definitely recommend this one. I felt comfortable eating at this McDonald’s, and it reminded me of some of the nice restaurants in Burlington, VT. The food was the same as any other McDonald’s. Big macs, fries, happy meals, and chicken sandwiches. What made this McDonalds different was the ambiance.

I have been beaten to the punch in recommending this Mickey D’s in particular It appears that the Travel Channel has recommended it already (as stated in this plaque placed outside the McDonalds). I don’t mind discovering this little taste of fast food randomly. I rather enjoyed the experience of something so familiar, but so different. Jazz-like music, fancy lights, flowers. This McDonalds is definitely a date spot for those without a job (like me).

Now I normally wouldn’t recommend a restaurant in my blog, but I decided to do something different today. Also, I realize my blog entries are a bit random. One day I am talking about my mother coming to terms with my atheism, and the next day I am talking about what plants I am growing. This makes it difficult to follow what I am actually doing. My last blog entry was just my resume (still looking for a job, click here if you need to see my resume). While I can make a schedule, I think the various topics keep me, and the people reading my blog, on our toes (and now we will be on our feet as we all charge forward to order a Mc. Chicken in lower Manhattan). But that is just the way life goes. Randomly.

Oh, and a bit of a disappointment. I recently discovered that my picasa account only allows me the opportunity to upload a certain amount of pictures. I have been using picasa to get my pictures into my blog. So I had to delete some older pictures. Some of the pictures I deleted were of my spider plant, so one of my older posts now has empty spaces in it. My pictures were not uploaded to blogger because they were too big! I need to find a new way to upload pictures, that is unlimited in capacity. Oh, and because the pictures were deleted from my blog, I will be posting more plant pictures later (to make up for it)!


  1. i would like to vidit actually.....but u hav to tell between wat streets/avenues its on... "broadway" covers a LOT of ground

  2. It is on Broadway and Mayden Ln. In the blog there is a link to a map (click 160 Broadway)