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Jonathan Mejia

1715 Lacombe Ave Apt 4a · Bronx, NY 10473 · (646) 249-1132 ·


University of Vermont, Burlington, VT               May 2009

Bachelors of Science degree in Biology, GPA 3.35

  • Relevant Classes: Environmental Science, Ecology and Evolution, Organic Chemistry, Fundamentals of Calculus I&II, Genetics, Molecular and Cell Biology, Biological Anthropology, Behavioral Ecology, Elementary Physics, Basic Statistical Methods, Community Ecology, Biology of Ferns, Plant Growth and Development, Plant-Animal Interactions, Evolution, Speciation and Phylogeny, Pollution Ecology, Toxicology
  • Dean’s List Fall 2005, Community Builder 2008



Researcher, McNair, University of Vermont               Summer 2008 to Spring 2009

  • Participated in field research of my own design under the guidance of Aaron Ellison and Nick Gotelli
  • Studied prey invertebrate availability in Harvard Pond for Sarracenia purpurea and web building spiders
  • Prepared and presented a PowerPoint presentation on my research to my peers
  • Calculated summary statistics on invertebrate communities in Harvard Pond
  • Prepared an article on my summer research published in McNair Scholars Program Research Journal
  • Presented a poster at UVM Student Research Conference (April 16, 2009)


Researcher, Harvard Forest, Harvard Forest in Petersham, MA               Summer 2008

  • Participated in field research studying the relationship between carnivorous plants and spiders
  • Collected and identified invertebrates caught in pitfall traps
  • Prepared and presented a PowerPoint presentation on my research, at Harvard Forest
  • Reviewed literature relevant to my research


Research Assistant, eBioMe, University of Vermont               Spring 2006 to Spring 2009

  • Worked under the guidance of Nicholas Gotelli on an NSF funded research grant
  • Field research on carnivorous plants and ant communities in New England
  • Identified New England bog ants to species
  • Calculated summary statistics on carnivorous plant measurements
  • Presented PowerPoint presentation on my research to my peers


Lab Assistant, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, University of Vermont               Summer 2005

  • Prepared media for bacterial cultivation
  • Inventoried laboratory chemicals


Research Student, Helix/EPSCoR High School Outreach Program, UVM                Summer 2003

  • Participated in a study on the effects of genetically modified corn on European Corn Borers
  • Worked with a partner on scientific research
  • Grew European Corn borers and Bacillus thuringiensis on modified agar media
  • Reported results in front of a live audience at University of Vermont
  • Certificate of Achievement



  • Microsoft Office, Statistical Programs (R and S plus), Math and Bio Aptitude, Bilingual (English, Spanish)
  • Reliable, Detail Oriented, Communication (Written, Verbal, and Presentation Skills)



  • Treasurer, UVM Juggling Club (Fall ‘07-Spring ‘09),
  • Vice President, Horticulture Club (Fall ‘06-Spring ’07),
  • Mentor, Alana Student Center Peer Mentoring Program (Fall ’06- Spring ’08)


References presented upon request

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