Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fear Me If You Dare - An Atheist Wins One!

My mother has done my laundry again. I have kindly asked her not to, but I have been going to Manhattan a lot recently, and my laundry has been piling up! I have no problem with her doing my laundry, but I do have a problem with her snooping around my room. Today I am actually doing my own laundry, but a few days ago I came home to find that she had washed a few things.

I came back from Manhattan, after having a nice day walking around with my girlfriend, to find my clothes neatly folded on the bed! It was amazing, like the fairy creatures who clean came when I wasn't there, and decided to leave me a nice present. In college I had to do my own laundry, which gave me a sense of pride and self dependency. It also gave me a sense of responsibility, but most of all, a sense of privacy. I didn't have to worry about leaving things in my pockets that she could potentially find, or about letting the pile get bigger, because I knew I was the one who would (eventually) clean it all up! In previous posts I have spoken about finding my clothes neatly folded and placed in my dresser. I have spoken to my mom about it and I think she got my message: that my privacy should be protected as long as I am in this house. Here are my clothes that found folded:

Apparently my mother was watching my clothing closely. I believe she now knows better than to go snooping around through my things. And if my previous talks with her didn't get the message through, then my boxers certainly did:

“Fear Me If You Dare!” says my Puss in Boots - Shrek boxers. It is an interesting concept to come to terms with. My mother has no real reason to fear me. I will never hit her, or purposely go out of my way to cause her to be scared. However the message is clear that she has to “dare” to do something (like snoop through my dresser), to obtain a “fear” of me (fear of me finding out what she has been up to, and confronting her about it).

However, I dare to fear here also! As the person paying the bills she has the right to kick me out (I am 22). She also has the right to tell me what to do (in the sense that I should not be using too much electricity to run my laptop, or take too long in the shower). I have no problem with her telling me these things (to clean my room, or to wash dishes), and if these were her only arguments then I would be completely fine. She has not impinged on my freedom, and she has not stopped me from doing the things I love doing (my windowsill garden is doing great!).

But at this point it is apparent that I need to start doing my own laundry before going out to Manhattan (and before I come home and find out that mom has already done it) because the only way I can get her out of my room is not to give her a reason to go into it! So, today I took it upon myself to clean my clothing!
With generic laundry detergent at hand I ventured forth into the world of doing laundry in a non-efficient home laundry machine! With this out of the way only a few questions remain:

Will she be proud and see that I have taken initiative?
Will she try to find another excuse to come into my room?
Will I ever find a job?
Do I have any updates about my spider plantlets and petunia?

And will I post any more cool videos of underwater creatures giving birth?

Find out next time on Jonathan's World!

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