Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Updates

Well, I did it again. I forgot to post a video here from my first march update, and now I have a second March Update I need to post as well. Here are the videos:
15 Goals for March
1. Organize New Room - Mostly done, but I still need to find a place for my shelves
2. Redecorate Freckles Tank - I just did this today. I reused all of his old ornaments
3. Place for plants and tanks - Already done
4. Attend Orchid Show 3 times - I went once, need to go 2 more times
5. Lose 10 pounds - Have not done. Lets not talk about it...
6. Take Driving Exam - Will do March 11th
7. Call Akkeem - Done
8. Get a haircut - Done
9. Attend MOS meeting - Will do this today!
10. Obtain a free bookshelf - Working on it by emailing people on craigslist. I have sent over 5 emails to people
11. Germinate Sarracenia seeds - In progress
12. Make a DVD For my aunt - Have not done
13. Burn Deathtrap for Ernie - Done
14. Stretch every morning - Am doing this every weekday morning
15. Sell games (FFIX FFOrigins and Fighters MegaMix) - I have sold 2 games, Nights into Dreams Sampler, and FFOrigins. I still need to sell FFIX and Fighters Megamix. I put the Megamix on ebay to see if I can get someone to buy it that way, but if I have no takers by next Friday, I will most likely sell them to a vintage game store.

So many things going on this week. I am also looking out for oldschool video games, crested geckos, books, and other things on craigslist!

The agenda for today is to attend the MOS meeting, redecorate Freckles tank, and do some craigslist things, IF i can.


  1. Goals are always good to have. It's weird that you post this because today was the first day in awhile that I myself wrote out a nice daily goal list, it just seems to help me get crap done. Goal I was working on now was just to check up on all my fellow bloggers. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ive been wondering whats going on in Jonathan's world. Thanks for sharing.