Thursday, March 3, 2011

Firestarter by Stephen King

Government conspiracies, pyrokinetic children, and telepathic moms. This book is just a journey into a strange little world. This is one every King fan should read, although the ending seemed rushed, and left much to be desired.

Firestarter is about an experiment into the mind, gone wrong. As usual, college students in need of money volunteered for an experiment involving hallucinogens. However, the effects of the drug seemed to be lifelong. Many of the people involved died during the experiment, and those that didn't die obtained strange powers, like mild telekinesis.

The story itself is centered around a little girl (named Charlie), who is the offspring of two individuals who found themselves in need of some money in college. The storyline is simple. Charlie and her father are running away from the Shop, a secret government agency, intent on bringing them in to study them.

Charlie has the ability to start fires, and while the story is interesting, and the character development is complete, the reader is still left wanting to know what happens to Charlie at the end of the book. The ending is abrupt and seemed to be a lazy cop-out to an otherwise well written book.

For the fans of King, this is a must read. If only for the interesting story line. For people looking for a good book, skip this one. The ending will make you feel cheated.

As for me, I am going to read Rage, by Richard Bachman, King's pseudonym.

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  1. Steven King is such a great writer. I never actively search out his stuff but whenever I pick one up I cant put it down.