Monday, March 17, 2008

Jonathan's World 23 Pizza Putt VT

Jonathan's World 23 Pizza Putt VT
I know I spell "putt" wrong in the video.
Summary: This video was recorded on a PSP Go!Cam. All of the footage was taken in one day and includes clips of my friends. Kofi, Alyssa, Noelle and Melissa can be seen in this video. Alyssa says to keep an eye out for her 5 facts which she says are coming soon. Also if you like Kofi then email him directly. Just search him on Facebook.
Noelle hasn't played DDR much but she was doing a fine job in this video. i got her playing and doing a combo! She won the game which was cool too.
Something I did not get on camera was laser tag. I didn't get it because I was busy shooting people but it was cool. As for the product endorsement, no, I am not getting paid to endorse PESPSI, but I do prefer it over all of the coke products with the exception of XXX Vitamin water. This video has a lot of DDR but it also has friends laughing and just having a good time. I think it will not be one of the most popular ones, but it will be one to remember.

Music: DDR Music
Here We Go! - DDR Mario Remix

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