Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jonathan's World 22 - Regular Randomness

Regular Randomness
Summary: This clips were taken in VT, although they were taken in different locations. Hannafords and The fireplace lounge in Living and Learning. There is also a point where I comment on the flowers in Starbucks (it's winter, who are they fooling?). In short, I cover cohost interviews, Ecological world cuisine meeting, nicknaming Sara (we decided on Minnie), and a faulty soda machine. In the end we come to the conclusion that Jonathan's World has no point. Also I didn't notice until it was done, but the end of the video has an error (which completely contradicts the beginning of the video).

Clips: All of these clips were taken on a PSP and edited on iMovie.

Jmejia1 - Jonathan's World Theme
Miley Cyrus - Let's Dance

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  1. It's like Seinfeld! It's a show... about nothing! Now to tie in a Simpsons reference somehow...

    Ah, Whiskers was so kawaii. Hiding in the poptarts at a Walmart, though? Now, if it were a real cat that would make sense, lol, but a stuffed cat?