Sunday, May 11, 2008

JWorld 31 Special jugglers DDR at Concerts

Wow, Too many people for one episode:
Gabe, Zari, Andy, Dustin, Crystal, Steve, Justin.
This video is mainly a compilation of clips I had lying around. Stay tuned to the end of this video for bloopers!. T video contains clips of the juggling club juggling in LnL, and Crystal juggling in Billings. Then Zari  plays on a chair in U-Heights (we pretend the chair is latest tech). Afterwords, me Zari and Steve play DDR. One of my friend deleted the cool clip where Steve filmed us from on top of the bed, but it is okay since the rest of the video turned out fine. At the end of the video, there is a clip where I am sitting down during a break in a concert! The concert was cool. I went with Alex (my friend) and my girlfriend. 
In the bloopers Crystal tries to juggle the ball under her legs. Zari puts her hand in the camera and my faces are dumb (from concert). One last blooper is a sentence which did not come out right from the introduction.

Pretty soon some good episodes will be coming up, including Juggling.
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  1. Great Video I esspecially like the DDR Portion of the Video...

    Donald Martin