Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Comic Con Conclusion

For those not in the know, Comic Con is a pop culture convention, usually involving comic books, movies, games, books (such as Harry Potter and Twilight), people dressing up, and a plethora of vendors trying to sell their merchandise, whether it be books, comics, action figures, video games, or even photo ops. Comic Cons usually have companies releasing new and never before seen footage and teasers of movies and games as well. For those in the know, Comic Con is where you want to be.

So, why am I not at the NYC Comic Con (Oct 8-Oct 10, 2010)?

The answer is simple. Besides the fact that I am only free on the 10th of October, the ticket price is 40 dollars. If I did go, I would want to dress up, and that costs money too. Not only that, but what occurs at Comic Con is usually the same thing that occurs at a Reptile Expo. People are trying to sell you things. There is nothing you can do about it.

I could have gone, but I decided to save my 40 dollars. The money was worth more to me, than the experience I would have had at Comic Con. Yeah sure, I probably would have had a few photo ops with sexy women dressed in tight latex costumes, or with a few Alien / Predator/ Zombie/ Vampire fiends, but 40 dollars is not worth the photo ops.

Is 40 dollars worth seeing previews to movies, or video games? I certainly don't think so. Especially when the previews and teasers quickly become available online, just a day or two after being released.

The truth is, Comic Con is only fun if you have someone else who is willing to shell out the money to go with you. Never alone, and only with friends. The conclusion? The NYC Comic Con, a once a year event, is too expensive for my blood, and I personally do now know anyone willing to go with me. And since I will not be able to buy anything there anyway, and since the "released" and "leaked" footage has already started to flood youtube, it would have been a waste of money anyway. Or is that what I am telling myself, because I plan not to go?

My Comic Con conclusion? Stay at home, do not pass go, do not spend 40.


  1. Yeah. I've never gotten the whole 'con thing.

  2. I kinda wanted to go, but I had the same arguments you did. Too expensive, boring to go alone, want to dress up, bluh bluh bluh.

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