Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sweet Sarracenia Solace

This week I recently started a blog all about Plants on Tumblr. This blog is about cool plants I see every once in a while, and where they can be found.

Recently I have been feeling a little down, but since going to the Botanical Gardens with Ernie last weekend, and taking some awesome Sarracenia pictures, I have had the idea of starting something new, and this blog seemed to be the perfect idea. So what is the url?

That is right, I got a most awesome plant genus, as the name of my plant tumblr account.

What makes this tumblr better than a blogger account? Well for one, it is easier to post things to tumblr using the iphone. I have yet to find a good blogger iphone app, which annoys me, since most of the pictures I take are actually on my phone.

But it also lets me connect with the audience more. To the right of my tumblr page are two links. The first link is where people can ask me any question they want, and the second link is where people can submit plant pictures, and other information they would like to see on my blog.

I will try to post cool things at least once a week, but I went a bit crazy with excitement, and posted many times this past week. It also looks sleeker, and better equipped to handle the type of style needed for a professional looking blog. Where my blogger looks a bit more generic, and the posts seem more personal/random, a tumblr specifically for plants is exactly what I need.

One thing I do not like about tumblr, is the inability to leave comments on someones post. It is a bit annoying actually. In this day and age where social networking is all the rage, I would enjoy more interaction with the people reading my blog, but tumblr is still fairly new, and so with time, perhaps these other features will be added.

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