Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flowering Cattleya

So, I have a yellow Cattleya which flowered!

The orchid was given to me by my good friend Ernie DeMarie earlier this year (in the spring). I have been watering it regularly, and I always let it drain completely. It is by a sunny window, and so far, it has one flower on it, but there is another bud that is about to open soon.

I was excited to see it flower, but the biggest surprise came in the morning. Early in the day I noticed a sweet scent coming from it, but in the afternoon and evening the scent goes away. My mom really likes the flower, but I refuse to put the plant in the kitchen for everyone to see, because it is less sunny there.

Here is another picture of the plant on it's side:


  1. Oh, man, plants freak the crap out of me :<

  2. beautiful flower man

  3. You've got the touch, congrads on flowering a cattleya! It took me years to do the same!