Friday, February 29, 2008

Jonathans World Great Juggling Adventures III

Jonathan's World Great Juggling Adventure III

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This is another of the juggling Clubs videos, but this one is massively different, mainly because it is Funny as Hell. I slam into a garbage can. We have a POV and a spectators shot of the action. Everyone can see how embarrased I was. There was also a scene where we found an old picture of the juggling club and decided to critique it. Crystal does a good job at describing the picture. And Dustin does a good job and picking fights with Crystal. Rich also returns some much needed balls to the club and I embarrase myself once again by breaking a pin. This just was not my month. Anyway, this video is fairly recent. There is also a portion where we do a Final Fantasy X (10) reference, and a portion where David does the back breaking Neo move from the Matrix. He also catches rings while doing it, which I thought was awesome.This was also a picture in Picture. One shot was taken by me the other by Crystal. I give her Credit to her videos. Dustin also recorded the first shot of Crystal Throwing a ball at him...

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