Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Evolution of Homework

When I last left you Sunday night, I was worried that I would not be able to complete the massive amount of homework I needed to do. I spoke about making a poster for the Student Research Conference, Speciation and Phylogeny homework, making study cards for Toxicology, and lastly, the homework assignment that was due for Pollution Ecology.

Here is what I have done:
- Poster is submitted and I need to pick it up sometime next week for the conference.
- Speciation and Phylogeny homework 7 is complete. I only need to print out the final pages and hand it in. It is of no help though because the new homework is online now.
- I have made study cards for one days worth of lecture in Toxicology, it is still of no help because there are two more days worth of lectures which I need to create cards for.
- The homework for Pollution Ecology is not done, but I did look over it. I need to complete it tomorrow.
- The final for Speciation and Phylogeny is going to go online soon. I want to get an early start on it because it is going to take a long time to complete. Also, I am pretty sure that I will need to use Cladistic and Phenetic methods, and I believe it is best to complete the phenetic methods part while it is still fresh in my mind. Also during finals week I want ti be as free and stressfree as possible.

One thing that is good is my latest test score for Forensic Biology. It was an 87, which is not the best score, but it is one I can live with.

A little aside before I get into my Pokemon Adventures for the day. Gmail Notifier is an awesome program. Before I used to log into Gmail to see if I had an email, but now I just look at the status Icon and see. It is a big time saver. I only wish Facebook had an app that worked that well. I have tried Facebook apps for the mac before, but they don't do what I want them too, or log me out of facebook when I don't want to be logged out.

This is the part you have probably been waiting for. I have yet to receive the first badge. Instead I am leveling up my Pokemon. I managed to get all of my bug type pokemon to level ten. This includes all the evolutions of caterprie and also all the evolutions of weedle. I am currently in the process of getting my non bug pokemon up to level 15 to make the Gym leader want to cry. At this point I think I need another hour or two to get them to that stage, but I am close. I think Fighting Pokemon are my best bet here, so Mankey will be good to use, but he doesn't know any effective fighting moves yet, so he needs to be leveled up. My current part consists of Squirtle, Pikachu, Rattata, Pidgey, Spearow, and Mankey. When I catch the male Nidoran, I will put him in there too.

Anyway, it is getting late (time to sleep) so I will see you all tomorrow.
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