Saturday, April 4, 2009

Route 24

Fire Red Update
When I last left, I told you I was going to level up my Mankey, well I did. He is on level 20 now, and my Wortotle is on level 21. I managed to get to Cerulean and Route 24. My rival was in the way, but I used my Pikachu (most awesome pokemon ever, until I catch something better).

I was on Route 24. There were many interesting trainer battles. Mostly Butterfree's Confusion (Psychic type move) came in handy. Many of the pokemon on the road were weak to it. If not Butterfree, then the Flying moves of Pidgey (gust) and Spearow (Peck) were appropriate. I wonder if anyone has made a pokemon guide telling you which pokemon to use for EVERY SINGLE BATTLE. That would be helpful because then you would know beforehand who you should have in your party instead of fainting and going back to the previous pokemon center.

I managed to catch an Abra (I know they teleport). At first it was a bit confusing since the only move it knows (so far) is teleport. They kept leaving when I attacked it once. However I decided to just throw a pokeball to try and catch it. At first I was unsuccessful, but the second Abra I tried it on was caught (YAY!!!).

And I also managed to snag an Oddish. Oddish is a fun little grass poison type pokemon which was easy to catch. Nothing fancy. Apparently, I cannot catch a Bellsprout with Fire Red (need a leaf Green). Well then. I think we all know what game I am going to be playing after Fire Red now don't we?

I also gained the badge from Curulean City. It was difficult being that the only electric type pokemon I had was Pikachu, and I had no grass type pokemon at the time.
So far this brings my total pokemon number to 22. And still counting. I found this awesome site called pokedream. I wonder how many people keep the site going? I hope it is more stable than bulbapedia which is down every 5 seconds (dumb bulbapedia), but at least it has a page which tells you which pokemon types are effective against which. This is something I have not been able to find in pokedream, althrough their walkthrough seems pretty comprehensive (except for the lack of information about what pokemon the trainers in a particular region carry).

Aside from pokemon, my life is going well. I purchased an R4 for my roomate's birthday (really late), but also because he is awesome. In case you watch my youtube videos and were wondering, the election is over, and yes, he won. They will officially be announcing it later next week for Comida Para La Gente. It is an event where people cook and the SGA Club Alianza Latina get together and act cool. My roomate is taking over next year, and although he does not read this, I wish him the best of luck.

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