Friday, January 25, 2008

Jonathan's World 11

Jonathan's World 11
This is a video from my last day in Orlando Florida. My sisters came back (Tiffany and Mara), from vacation in NY. My mother (Noemi, seen at the end) was upset because they both managed to get their tongues pierced without her permission. However to be fair they are 18, and they do have the right to do whatever they want with their body. Mara was able to get a tatoo of a treble clef. My mother wasn't happy about that either. Ardy is mentioned in this video. He is my sisters boyfriend (the one who managed to spit on mara's face).
There is one segment where my sister is complaining that my ipod died on her. The only charger I had connects to the computer and I refused to give it to her for fear that she will delete all of my music. At this point it is apparent that I am leaving so I am not seen much in this video. I was sad. Also the next Jonathan's World video will also have a bit of a depressing tone to it. But not to worry, many happy, crazy and random clips are soon to come!

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