Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jonathan's World -Vacation (Summer)

This starts off with some pictures of my Summer vacation in the NYC Madame Tuscaunds Wax Museum. It was a great experience taking all those pictures with all the stars. As the movie progressed we move onto Six Flags, where I jumped rope with Tweety and Bugs. This was in Agawam Massachusettes, and the Six Flags was called Six Flags New England. After I make a fool of myself, my sister takes over and makes herself queen of the rope. After a while we also see my family on a ride. That is about it. Overall it was fun but that night mom got sick.

The song in this video is Dance Dance by fallout boy. I first heard this song through DDR and it is now one of my favorite songs. While this is not an official Jonathan's World video, it does introduce you to my sister who will appear in a few videos from here on out. Her name is Tiffany and as you can see from the jump rope she is a pretty cool chick. Anyway, email me if you have any questions comments or concerns at

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