Friday, January 25, 2008

Jonathan's World 12

Jonathan's World 12
Context: I had seen zeitgeist and was delayed. In reality I wanted this to be a response to Dan's Video on Safety, a question to my audience about news sources, a scapegoat for my frustration and a way to clear my head and kill time. I later recorded something more thought out and coherent. It may show up in one of the next Jonathans World Episodes (I am currently making that footage available in Jonathan's World 13,a long with footage I took during Christmas, which consisted of many christmas decorations that never made any of my previous videos).
Also, I revamped the Jonathan's World Song a bit. This one was recorded by me on Garage band. It is an acapella with me singing over my voice 3 times.
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As a side note, if you want to view Dan Browns video on safety it can be found on youtube at this link:
If that does not work for you than you can search youtube for pogobat (dan's username) and look for his video titled: Dan brown talks about important things (Vlog#2)

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