Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jonathan's World 20 - DDR Friday

Jonathan's World 20 - DDR Fridays
I usually play DDR on Friday nights. This footage was taken on 2.15.2008. If you want to play DDR it usually occurs in LnL room 315, on Friday nights (past 8 o'clock usually). We usually watch the Japanese House movie (5:30) right before playing DDR . This week it was Nana 2, a really good movie based off of a manga which I have never read (but I think I might be tempted to read it sometime soon).

In this footage we have my friends Crystal, Shannon, Dustin, and John playing DDR. I was also seen playing the game. Be sure to watch the end of the video which contains bloopers (which you may or may not find amusing).
We played DDR to many of the popular songs such as MAX 300, Paranoia Max, Butterfly, Captain Jack, Twilight Zone and others. I currently own DDR Extreme 2, DDR Max, DDR Max 2, DDR Supernova, DDR supernova 2, and DDR Disney Channel Edition (although no footage from this latter DDR was taken). I only have a PS2 which means I do not have any of the DDR's currently available for the XBOX. We were swapping disks all night so I cannot identify which songs came from which game.
This footage was editted in iMovie and can be found on youtube.
While this footage is recent I want to emphasize that I do not always record DDR sessions. If you are camera shy, do not let that discourage you from coming to play. As a matter of fact, many people who attended last Fridays DDR have decided not to be in the publicly released videos and were cut out of the footage.
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