Friday, February 8, 2008

Jonathan's World16

Jonathan's World 16
Five Facts
The five facts videos have been spreading through youtube. I have not been tagged per say but I saw Dan's fivee facts video and decided to make my own. Here they are:
1. I listen to all types of music
2. I jog in my jeans
3. I am obsessed with my PSP
4. I do not live in my dorm room
5. I love carnivorous plants
There is also a point where my friend Chris lists something about him you don't know (he studies romance languages). I know this is my second update within the last two days, but that is just the way things turned out to be. I recorded this video on 2.7.2008. This video was editted in iMovie and recorded on my PSP Go!Cam. Also I tag everyone who watches it but I give a shot out to Danielle and Magi. Lets see if they comply with making "Five Facts" videos.
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