Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jonathans World 15

Jonathan's World 15
Mission Impossible
In this Jonathans World I try to complete missions. The first mission is to win the iPod, which I do not do. I actually played the game at the Majectic 10 movie theatre in VT.
The second mission was to buy headphones and get to physics class. I do this just in time. The music you hear in this video is the Jonathans World theme, and a remix of the battle theme from Final Fantasy 9. All of the clips in this video were recorded on the PSP, and editted on iMovie. This video was recorded in January '08.
After recording this video I found my lost headphones (I had left them in Sara's room). Also at the end of the video I ran into Gabe and you all get to check out his haircut. I wish I had the confidence in other people to let them cut my hair. I need it. But If I do get a haircut, you should all feel good to know that I would put it on Jonathans World.
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